Legal service for our BRIX customers

With our insight into the sports world, we know that it is inevitable that sports and exercise sometimes lead to a need for advice, whether it is connected to equipment, medical care or what rights you have. As for the latter area we can support. For those practicing sports at a non-professional level, the insurance issues are perhaps the ones that can primarily actualize a need for help. You may need to investigate what insurance cover you have when you practice your sport or assistance in getting the compensation you are entitled to, if you have suffered a sports injury. As a professional athlete, contractual or employment law issues may also arise.

As part of the service to our BRIX customers, we therefore offer legal consultation within insurance -, contract – & employment law. We offer the first three (3) hours free of charge. Should you need additional legal assistance, you pay a fixed price, always agreed in advance.

In charge of the legal services is Bengt Lindgren, CEO of Sweden-Canada Products AB, with more than 20 years of experience from working in court, own law firm and as corporate lawyer.

For further information, contact Bengt directly via e-mail or phone:


Phone: +46 73-387 72 92

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